In order:

2018 Press Articles (so far)

Highway Mail 21st Feb 2018 Enviroserv points out mystery polluters

iOL 9th Feb 2018 Enviroserv tries to stall yet again

Highway Mail 7th Feb 2018 Upper Highway Air files papers against DEA, Minister and other Authorities

News24 4th Feb 2018 Fresh legal challenge in big stink landfill battle

Highway Mail 17th January 2017 UHA addresses comminuties concerns about Shongweni stench


2017 Press Articles

Sunday Tribune 23rd December 2017 Outrage over Ministers decision on landfill

Sunday Tribune 17 December 2017 Environmental Affairs Minister lifts Enviroservs suspension

Highway Mail 13th December 2017 DEA Minister lifts Shongweni landfill suspension

Highway Mail 22 November 2017 Charge sheet amended in Enviroservs criminal case

iOL 17th November 2017 Charges against Enviroserv execs in Shongweni landfill case reduced

Sunday Tribune 29th October 2017 Enviroserv given hazardous waste permit

Highway Mail 18th October 2017 Landfill company claims success but it still stinks

Sunday Tribune 8th October 2017 Illegal dumping on the rise

iOL 3rd September 2017 Shongweni landfill saga leaves bad odour between Durban communities

TimesLive 17 August 2017 Landfill bosses criminally charged over smelly KZN dump

News24 23rd August 2017 Environmental watchdog group approach Equality Court against company employees

iOL 20 August 2017 Civic group unable to attend meeting with Enviroserv

iOL 6th August 2017 More chrges likely at Enviroserv

Highway Mail 28th July 2017 Enviroserv admits to contributing to Hillcrest odour

ECR 26th July 2017 Update on whats that smell?

iOL 2nd July 2017 DEA denies change in law led to odour at Enviroserv site

Sunday Tribune 30th June 2017 Uncertainty over Shongweni landfill site

Noseweek 9th June 2017 KZN threat of Environmental disaster

Sunday Tribune 5th June 2017 Enviroserv landfill site to remain shut

Sunday Tribune 29th May 2017 Enviroserv brings out more experts, civic group questions toxicology report

Citizen 22nd May 2017 Enviroserv CEO to be charged for toxic Shongweni landfill

iOL 7th May 2017 Contaminated liquid makes its way to joburg site

IMIESA 4th May 2017 Possible closure of Durban landfill

Citizen 27th April 2017 Shongweni landfill case: Court rules agaisnt Enviroserv

Highway Mail 26th April 2017 Upper Highway Air NPC wins interdict order over Enviroserv

News24 25 April 2017 Shongweni landfill site owners get death threats

iOL 18th April 2018 No end to Enviroserv landfill saga

Sunday Tribune 16th April 2017 What are you hiding Enviroserv?

iOL 11th April 2017 Bring your kids to stay at my house, EnviroServ CEO challenged

ECR 10th April 2017 Enviroserv CEO responds to complaints about Upper Highway stench

eNCA 7th April 2017 Enviroserv reined in over harmful gases

iOL 5th April 2017 Enviroservlandfill site shuts down

Mercury 4th April 2017 Enviroserv faces legal action from NGO

Highway Mail 24th March 2017 Enviroserv admits to contributing to Hillcrest odour

iOL 23rd March 2017 Enviroserv CEO faces charges over toxic landfill site

Engeneering News 8th March 2017 Enviroserv lashes out as DEA over Shongweni landfill

iOL 1st March 2017 Enviroserv  seeks to gag Shongweni landfill activist

Citizen 27th February 2017 Enviroserv to be prosecuted for toxic shongweni landfill

iOL 10th February 2017 landfill closure could leave toxic waste backlog

IMIESA 8th February 2017 Enviroserv could lose its Shongweni landfill license

iOL 25th February 2017 Stink puts Durban July at risk

Timeslive 7th February 2017 Foul smell comes from our landfill but ots not our fault says Envirserv

ECR 7th February 2017 Toxic Stench Enviroserv determined to prove its innocence

iOL 5th February 2017 Smelly KZN landfill site faces closure

eNCA 3rd February 2017 Enviroserv faces losing licence for controversial Shongweni landfill

TimesLive 3rd February 2017 Enviroserv responds to threats to shut down its Shongweni landfill

ECR 26th January 2017 Upper Highway residents raise stink over persistent noxious odour

ECR 25th January 2017 Upper Highway stench Enviroserv conducting assessments

iOL 25th January 2017 What exactly is that smell

Highway Mail 10th January 2017 Hillcrest stench blame game drags on


2016 Press Articles

CityPress 20 December 2016- Asthma, bronchitis, nosebleeds. Residents say dump is making them sick.

Mail & Guardian 23 November 2016- Residents to Hold ‘Toxic Trek’ Against Durban Landfill Gas Emissions 

Nosweek issue #205 31st October 2016 – Compliance Notice Issued For Toxic Fumes Company

eNCA 28th October 2016 Shongweni landfill site banned from accepting waste

iOL 28th October 2016 No more type 1 hazardous waste at shongweni landfill site

Noseweek 27th October 2016 Stench warfare rages on

Highway Mail 4 October 2016 – EnviroServ Implements DEA’s 11 Point Action Plan

Citizen 24th September 2016 Controversial leachate disposal into durbans sea halted

Southlands Sun Update 23 September 2016 Update Enviroserv says it opted to suspend leachate disposal

Southlands Sun 19 September 2016 EnviroServ Hits Back at ‘Toxic Waste’ Dumping Claim

Noseweek 18th September 2016 Green Scorpions raid source of toxic waste stench in KZN

IOL 16 September 2016 Waste Disposal Giant Threatens Activist with Legal Action

Highway Mail 15th September 2016

Highway Mail 14 September 2016- Millions of Litres of Toxic Waste Dumped into the Ocean

IOL 11 September 2016- Waste Firm in a Fix over ‘Toxic Fumes’

Highway Mail 07 September 2016- EnviroServ Responds to Hillcrest Odour

Highway Mail 2nd September 2016 Disposal of hazardous waste further suspended

Highway Mail 02 September 2016- ‘EnviroServ was a Repeat Offender’ City Official Says

Noseweek issue #203 September Green Scorpions Raid Source of Toxic Waste Stench in KZN

IOL 29 August 2016- Strict Measures Set for Durban “Toxic” Air Firm

eNCA 28th August 2016 Environmental affairs dept probes enviroservs shongweni landfill

News 24: 1 August 2016 – Toxic Stench Continues

Highway Mail 23 August 2016 – Government Steps in to Investigate Hillcrest Stench

IOL 29 July 2016- EnviroServ “Sorry” for stench inconvenience

The Citizen 28 July 2016 : Action Underway to Tackle Hillcrest Odour

Noseweek: June – Hillcrest Smell Update 

Noseweek: 26 May 2016- Durban Residents Smell a Rat 

Highway Mail 17 May 2016 Enviro Alliance Investigates Shongweni Landfill

IOL 16 May 2016- Hillcrest ‘Toxic’ Air results ‘Junk Science’: Environmentalists 

iOL 14th May 2016 chemical odours causing residents to fall ill

Highway Mail 5th May 2016 Hillcrest residents fuming over toxic stench

iOL 4th May 2016 Stink over toxic air

News24 18th April 2016 Gaseous smells leaves residents fuming